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Asset URI

Asset URI is a unique identifier of the asset. It, in particular, used to reference one asset from another.

URIs are automatically inferred from mod pack directory and asset file names.


It always has the next structure: <modpack>/<asset_name>.<asset_extension>.

For example, base/tree.plant, your_first_mod/house_2.obj, or base/desert.biome.

File hierarchy

The actual file hierarchy in a mod pack has no effect on the produced URI. Eg. it doesn't matter if target asset is located at Content/base/desert.biome or Content/base/biomes/desert.biome, the result URI will be the same: base/desert.biome.

This effectively means that you can't have two assets with the same file names in one mod pack.

URIs are always lowercased

Even if the target asset has a non-lowercased name (eg. TeslaModelS3.spaceship in mod pack ElonMusk) its URI still will be elonmusk/teslamodels3.spaceship. ElonMusk/TeslaModelS3.spaceship URI will not work.

Last update: July 26, 2023