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Mod dependencies

If your mod depends on some other mod or mods, you can explicity state it. This will serve two purposes:

  • When a player subscribes to your mod, Steam will suggest to subscribe to other mods which your mod depends on
  • The game will ensure that those mods are loaded prior your mod

Setting up dependcies

Use Steam Workshop Dashboard to set up dependencies. Go to your item page, and click Add/Remove Required Items under the Owner Controls.

Local testing

To test dependency configuration on local machine, you can list dependendencies in the mod.json:

"Dependencies" : [ "my_common_assets", 2376260968 ]

String values are refer to local mods, and numbers are refer to published mods (you can find a published mod's id in its Steam page url).

Soft/hard dependencies

Currently, all dependencies are soft. This means that if a mod on which your mod depends has not found, the game will try to load your mod anyway.

Last update: July 26, 2023