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How to publish your mod


This guide is for versions prior 0.85. New guide is coming soon.


This step-by-step guide is intended for mod creators who want to feature their creations on the in-game Mod Gallery. Like this:



Current implementation is temporary. After the release of the game on Steam, we will incorporate Steam Workshop support, so the publishing process may change.

Obtain credentials

If you want to become a publisher, you should obtain credentials so our servers can identify you as an Author. We do not have a user interface for registration at the moment, so please contact @devs on our Discord server.


Please ensure that you have read and agreed with our EULA before publishing mods.

You will receive an identity.json file - this is your key to publishing access. Put the file into the root of your Content/ folder. Next time the game runs, it will know that you are an Author.


Do not share identity file with anyone. If you do, any person that has it can publish, update or remove your mods in the Gallery.

Prepare mod for publishing

Add preview image

Take a screenshot of your mod in action, and save it as preview.png. Drop the image into your mod's root folder. It should be square and its dimensions should be at least 512x512 pixels.

Set custom title and description

Create a new .txt file, rename it to mod.json, and place it in your mod's root folder. Its contents should be set up as follows:

    "Title" : "My awesome mod",
    "Description" : "This mod contains some cool stuff!"

Publish, update, and unpublish

Just click on your mod in the Installed tab, and choose the appropriate action.



You can publish only mods that are not tracked as installed, i.e. was not downloaded from the gallery but manually placed to Content/ by you.

If you are updating a mod that is already published, users that have it installed will see that an update is available for it.


To prevent our servers from being completely filled with content, we're temporarily restricting how many packs users can publish. Your limit can be seen at, where "your_secret_key" is the one stored in your specific identity.json file.

Last update: February 1, 2021