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Writing logs

You can use Unity's Debug.Log() that will output to Player.log.

There's also a Logger class provided by Voxel Tycoon API to get nicer output:

public class MyMod : Mod
    _logger = new Logger<MyMod>();

    public void Initialize()


[1/31/2021 11:42:45 PM] [MyMod] Initialized!


Player.log is where the game writes all its logs. You can write there too using Unity's Debug.Log() in your script mods.

This file can be found in the next locations:

Windows %appdata%/../LocalLow/VoxelTycoon/VoxelTycoon/Player.log
macOS ~/Library/Logs/VoxelTycoon/VoxelTycoon/Player.log
Linux ~/.config/unity3d/VoxelTycoon/VoxelTycoon/Player.log

Last update: July 11, 2022